Election Should Not Lead To Bloodshed —Fufeyin



My only reaction is that God is not a man but God Almighty. Truly we have prophets and true prophets of God, so what a true prophet of God says, must surely come to pass.

I gave this prophecy twice and that is February 7 and 8 that the election will not hold that day (February 16) and the prophecy came to pass. A lot of politicians called me and praised me as a true man of God. Above all, the prophecy makes people to believe that I am truly of God and also believed that the living God is working at Mercy City. Even some prophets called me to say they were marveled at the fulfillment of the prophecy.


What is your prediction about the election coming up tomorrow?

This is a trying moment for Christians, especially the clergy and it behooves on all of us as Christians to pray and seek the face of God for a peaceful and crisis-free exercise. We don’t have power of our own, God Almighty is the ultimate and we should always draw closer to God in everything that we do.

Don’t forget that God is the Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning and the ending; He sees things differently from the way we see things, too.

What do you really have to say about the forthcoming exercise?

Definitely, God Almighty should come and assist us because he is the Savior of mankind. However, I detest unnecessary shedding of blood; in fact, there is no need why we should be killing each other because of election because God Almighty in His throne of grace, has already known those that will emerge victorious at the end of the exercise; so, we should stop killing ourselves for nothing. God created all of us to prosper and live together like brothers and sisters. So, why should we kill each other? It is in the Bible that we should allow brotherly love to continue and also the ten commandments says that, “Thou shall not kill”, above all, we should stop the unwholesome attitude.


What effort are clerics making towards ensuring a peaceful exercise?

The truth is that Apostle Sulieman, Pastor Chris Okafor and other great men of God and my humble self have been praying fervently for the peace of this great nation and also for the purpose of this election because we don’t want any bloodshed in any part of the country and it is not necessary because we are all brothers and sisters and we belong to one indivisible family.


Can you tell the nation who would be the next president?

Unfortunately, I don’t belong to any political party, so, it is not necessary for me to predict who will win the election or lose. My candid advice to Nigerians is that we should embrace whoever God places on the throne as the president of this great African nation, called Nigeria. But we should remember that election is not worth dying for in the words of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan that no election is worth the blood of any Nigerian. Rather, we should continue to embrace each other as one because we belong to one large family. My business, in this wise is to ensure there is abundant peace at all times and let justice be done.


What do you think is the way out of Nigeria’s economic quagmire?

With God, all things are possible and remember that we did not create ourselves. Rather, it is God Almighty that created us and also know that what the Almighty made is perfect and He added no sorrow. So, let all of us look up to God because He is the Alpha and Omega and the creator of the universe.

Remember that everything that is happening in Nigeria is for a purpose and that is why we have to give glory to God in all our undertakings. We should stop worrying ourselves because no one knows the mind of God.


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